3 Marketing Trends Business Owners Should Be Using

I wanted to share some powerful and effective tools to get your business more customers in 2015:

  1. Increase Personalization: With the proper marketing automation system in place, creating individualized content for your prospects and customers is easy, economical, and effective. Personalized web experiences have shown to increase conversion rates by 10% and sales by over 19%.
  2. Promote social media integration across all communications: Adding social media share buttons to your website and email can boost views by 150%. And with new SEO algorithms calculating social media shares as part of search relevancy, you’re helping promote your SEO as well.
  3. Adapt to new technology: 60% of all site traffic now comes from mobile, meaning if your website and emails aren’t mobile-optimized, you could be losing out on major business opportunities. Running your site on a responsive framework makes it easy for your site to scale gracefully on mobile and desktop.

There, just wanted to share those! If you’re interested in discussing your business’ online marketing objectives, please don’t hesitate to reach out.